Freedom Funding


Join me on this free invitation-only training webinar… where I explain ALL the exciting details of this true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and reveal how…
YOU can become MY certified acquisitions partner!

Here’s what I’ll be covering in the Freedom Funding Master Class.

  1. Fast Creative No Money Down Financing Solutions for SREC students only Nationwide.
  2. You’ll see the EXACT Blueprint of how to get DONE FOR YOU Private Money from Strategic Freedom Funding and First Freedom Capital to fund all your deals.
  3. Get Free Unlimited Verifiable Pre Approval Letters
  4. I’ll Show you the exact blueprint of how I’ve funded my last 49 rehab flip transactions with none of my own cash or credit.
  5. Proof that all the private money you’d ever need will come directly from my private equity fund and my direct private money companies.
  6. How you can really buy 2-4 homes a month using NONE OF YOUR OWN DOWN.
  7. Get 100% no money down funding for your transactional, rehab, rental and small commercial deals
  8. Learn the “Automated Offer Formula” You’ll use to Bid on Every Home Without ever seeing them
  9. Get unlimited deal review thru our “Deal or No Deal” coaching so you can make offers with confidence.
  10. Proof that all the capital you’d ever need is right in front of you.
  11. What you’ll need to know to be the best acquisitions partner.
  12. Created by Strategic Real Estate Coach for Strategic Real Estate Coach Students, members and clients ONLY
  13. SFF is an “asset based lender” meaning we care mostly about the “deal” and does it meet our criteria.
  14. You’ll see our exact acquisitions and funding criteria and how you can deploy it in your own market
  15. Commercial Lending: Need a partner to review and fund your apartments, self-storage and “unique” commercial deals? Send them to us to qualify for an equity partnership.

This is a life-changing opportunity…

Spots are EXTREMELY limited. So make sure you reserve yours right now.